Premium SelfBelay 2.0 Recertification Upgrade

19.80 / month

Upgrade your SelfBelay with SelfBelay 2.0 during your recertification!

What’s new?

  • Gate System preventing unauthorized unclipping
  • Wider swivel accommodating for all autobelay webbings
  • Additional protector on the key
  • Reinforced covers
  • Stronger rivets
  • New bolt system

The premium Self Belay maintenance program aims to make recertification even easier. We will automatically deliver replacement Self Belay devices to you a few weeks before your warranty expires so that you can easily swap them out. That way, you will always be on top of your annual maintenance schedule without having to go through ordering, making purchase orders or paying a bulk sum. We will also take care of the return of your old devices for you by providing a prepaid label.

  • €19,80 per device per month 
  • Recertification and shipping included.
  • Return shipping of the old devices included
  • Ensures compliance with the safety standards and safe operation
  • Requires a 1-year subscription

Available for recertifications after 1st-Feb-2024

Please list the serial numbers of the Self Belay devices you wish to replace

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