Self Belay

The Self Belay is an innovative patent-awarded climbing connector which increases safety and eases operation. First introduced in Family Entertainment and Adventure centers, over the years the Self Belay proved just as useful in traditional Climbing Gyms and Trampoline parks. 

Precludes clipping errors
The Self Belay design makes clipping errors easy to avoid as the device only works when clipped with its custom Delta Link.

Eliminates webbing and rope twisting
The Self Belay swivel can rotate at 360 degrees which eliminates rope or webbing twisting thus providing a safer and more comfortable experience for the climber.

Easy to use by children
Children ad young as 5-years old can easily use the Self Belay on their own. The device is light, intuitive to use and using it requires no physical strength.

Reduces the staff required by half
By reducing clipping errors and the need for supervision, the Self Belay reduces the staff needed for operation as well. Centers using the Self Belay can lower their staff by half, compared to ones using simple carabiners.

Easy to clip and un-clip

Clipping at the wrong place or the belay line slipping out of the climber’s hands are among the main reasons why children often require additional assistance when climbing. The Self Belay eases the clipping and un-clipping process with its unique circular locking mechanism which is released for climbing only once a Self Belay Key is inserted. The technology allows for children as 5-years old climbing on their own without additional assistance.

How it works?

The Self Belay is the only patent-awarded climbing connector engineered to ensure that the auto belay stays attached to the gate until the climber is safely and properly clipped in. It features a circular locking mechanism which allows the participant to climb only once the Self Belay Key is inserted. The Key in turn, can only be inserted when the harness piece is locked in place and vise versa as the engagement of one automatically disengages the other.

No rope or webbing twisting

The 360 degrees swivel rotation of the Self Belay allows the device to preclude rope or webbing twisting. This feature makes climbing better, more comfortable and safer for the participant.

Easier Operation

The Self Belay reduces the staff looking after climbing activities of any facility it is installed in. This comes naturally from the fact that clipping errors are precluded and the need for assistance by younger participants is significantly lowered. The device is light and comfortable to grip which means that visitors of nearly all ages can use it freely and easily.

Additional Information

Included in the Self Belay Set:

1 Self Belay Body

1 Self Belay Key

2 Self Belay Delta Maillons

Initial Warranty: 1 year + 1 additional year after re-certification

Re-Certification Program:

  1. You order a Self Belay re-certification (80 euro per device)
  2. We  deliver to you new or refurbished devices
  3. You send us back your old devices

Package Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 5 cm

Package Weight: 1kg

Delivery Quote will be provided upon Check Out

Self Belay Annual Re-Certification

The Self Belay Annual Re-certification Program is part of the Self Belay Annual Maintenance Program. The re-certification process will ensure compliance with the safety standards, safe operation and additional warranty for 1 year in three easy steps.

As we know that every day counts, we ensure that our clients continue operating at full capacity during the Re-Certification process.