Safety Engineering Ltd. participated in the forum ‘I, the engineer’


Safety Engineering Ltd. was invited, because the company combines science approach, innovation and advanced business strategy. It can serve as a brain and skills development field of young minds.


Safety Engineering Ltd.’s presence aims to attract the interest of young mechanical engineers to the ‘production of safety’ and Safety engineering as a technical discipline. The main goal of Safety engineering discipline is to assure that engineered systems provide acceptable levels of safety. It also assures that a life-critical system behaves as needed, even when components fail. Safety Engineering Ltd. has adopted this concept from its beginning and is aimed to popularize such orientation of the engineering science. In order to do so, Safety Engineering Ltd. would like to attract the attention of young minds by participating in initiatives like the forum I, the Engineer.


This forum targets the young university students from technical and engineering specialities from the whole country as long as the high school students in their final years of study with manifested interests and achievements in this area and also targets proven young specialist, who seek new opportunities for realization.


Safety Engineering Ltd. found many young people orientated in our sphere of interests, what made the forum very useful for us. Our colleague dipl. eng. Dimitar Petrov was impressed by some young people and introduce them to the business circles.


Safety Engineering Ltd. thanks to the sponsors of this event and felicitates them on the idea for such forum. We also congratulate the young participants and all companies, that have shared their experience with the young engineers.


Safety Engineering Ltd.’s R&D Manager dipl. eng. Dimitar Petrov participated in the first of its kind event in Sofia, Bulgaria – the workshop, called I, the engineer, organized by Wish Box and Inter Expo Center. It is aimed to present to the students and young engineers the Bulgarian companies, developing new technologies.


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