Our new models auto belays Onbelay 8 and Onbelay 17 are now CE certified

Our veteran models auto belays – Onbelay 11 and Onbelay 14 were very successful. They are appropriate for walls with height up to 11 meters (for Onbelay 11 auto belay) and up to 14 meters for (for Onbelay 14 auto belay). During the last 3 months our clients started to ask question like, whether our Onbelays auto belays are good for higher walls. And that is why we decided to develop new model of Onbelay auto belay – namely Onbelay 17 auto belay, which is suitable for walls with height up to 17 meters.

Our main aim is to develop Safety Engineering as a one stop shop for climbing safety and therefore we continue to think about improvement of our product list. Because we are selling many Onbelay auto belays for embedding in Fun-walls (they are entertaining electronic walls, mostly for kids) we start to produce Onbelay auto belays for walls up to 8 meters. The height of this Fun-walls is 6 or 8 meters, so practically they don’t need that big auto belays and proposing them smaller reasonably reduces the price of the Onbelay auto belay for them. This Onbelay 8 auto belay is good not only for Fun-walls but also for other entertaining walls, which height doesn’t exceed 8 meters. This product shows our flexibility and willingness to adjust to our clients’ needs. We decided to propose this product to the wide public, because we think, that not only one of our company should benefit from this product, but other manufacturers, too.

In order to prove the qualities and the suitability of the Onbelay 8 auto belays and Onbelay 17 auto belays for the European market, we wanted them to run the test for EC quality control and get the EC-Type Examination Certificate as we did it for the veterans. 

Both of our new products passed the exam and get the EC-Type Examination Certificate. We also renew the certificate of our previous versions: Onbelay 11 auto belay and Onbelay 14 auto belay.

We would like to express our acknowledgment of the efforts made by Dekra Exam GmbH for the certification and recertification of our products.


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