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One More Life Saving Матс

What is One More Life Saving mat?


One More Life Saving mats serve for decreasing of deceleration and absorb impact energy when falling. One More Life Saving mat has so good characteristics that it even was used for setting the industry standard for protection and reliability of saving mats. This is a new generation of safeguarding flooring, suitable for both lead and top-rope indoor climbing.


The secret of the newest pressure sensitive saving mats lays in their innovative technology. The triple layer structure ensures the highest possible protection while at the same time the mats are easy to fit within every gym interior.

One More Life Saving Матс

 How did we tested them?


Our Research & Development Department bought Hybrid II Crash Test Dummy – doll, which is used in the automotive sector for studying the impact of a crashing car. We have used this doll, called Dummyan, to test our One More Life Saving mats. The result proves unambiguously that the One More Life saving mats guarantee safe climbing from a height of up to 16.5 m.


The test was taken under the following conditions.

– a free fall from 16.5 m height

– Hybrid II Crash Test Dummy weighing 75 kg


The result was: deceleration of falling 75 kg body from 16.5 m on One More Life Saving mat is 58 g (as shown on the right table down).


Спестяване 16.5m_OML рогозки (1) Old

Why are One More Life Saving mats safe?


The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has adopted a boundary for maximal allowed deceleration impact force exerted on a human body without causing serious injuries or death. This boundary is set on 65 g for average person.

Safety engineering’s in-house tests show the following:

– By free falling from a height of 16.5 m on a concrete floor or carpet covered floor the effect would be deadly

– By free falling from the same height on One More Life Saving mat the impact force exert on the human body will be within the limits set by NHTSA, more precisely 58 g (as shown on the right table)

Разруши Test Dummy (2) One More Life Saving Матс

One More Life Saving mats are ideal for:


One More Life Saving mats have modular system which allows easy rearrangement of modules so that a scissor lift can pass through when route setting.


One More Life Saving mats are applicable for:


– Climbing Gyms

– Mobile climbing walls

– Schools, Colleges and universities

– Entertainment parks

– Amusement parks

– Recreation Centers

Why should you use One More Life Saving mats?


The climbing sport becomes more and more popular and because of that injuries happen more often. Generally the belaying devices are secure enough to protect people from falling, but the problem happens when people forget to belay themselves and start climbing without belayer or auto belay.  There are even events of death caused by free falling from a wall. The reason is that the Instructors can’t be every second next to every climber, because now days the climbing gyms are crowded. So, the only way to be sure that nothing serious would happen, when your gym is full of people is to have reliable saving mats. 


We, at Safety Engineering, take the protection of the climbers as our own responsibility and therefore we pursue the total safety in the climbing gyms. As a result we have created One More Life Saving Mats. With our Onbelay auto belay and with our One More Life Saving mats we succeed to double protect our clients from accidents happening in their gyms. Now we can serve as a one stop-shop for climbing safety and give our clients all they need for climbers protection on one place with one purchase.

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