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Climbing Timers from Safety Engineering
Climbing TImers from Safety Engineering for Speed Competitions

Safety Engineering offers a range of climbing timers that differ in terms of functionality and purpose. We divide them in 2 main systems: 




SPEED COMPETITION TIMER CT2  is a climbing timer system, which is an innovative timing solution for speed climbing.This speed competition timer  is specially designed to meet the criteria and standards for professional IFSC speed competitions, as well with the national federations requirements for speed competitions and is used in various gyms, where competitions have been made.


CT2 climbing timer system also offers a various timing modes such as Lead Climbing limit countdown timer mode or Bouldering rotation time countdown timer mode. All modes could be settled for either competition or training mode, single or twin user, synchronous or independent starts. All this comes with Industrial grade dependability and high quality, allowing for years of everyday, hassle free use.

Ideal for recreational use and training

Ideal for competition and training IFSC 

RECREATIONAL TIMER FT10V is climbing timer system designed for non-official competitions, training and everyday timing of various activities. It offers various functions and yet a keen price.

Full functional descriptions can be found by clicking on the links below:

Speed Competition Timer Leaflet

Speed Competition Timer Function Sheet

Recreational Climbing Timer System 

Climbing timer function sheet
Climbing timer leaflet