About Safety Engineering


Safety Engineering Ltd. is a newly established company born in  2012 and aimed to meet the growing demand of safety related products for climbing activities. The company emerged naturally following the continuous growth of the global climbing industry, which needs more and more specialized companies in the sector of climbing safety.


Safety engineering Ltd. is dedicated to the development of the Safety engineering as a technical discipline, which primary goal is to manage risk, eliminate or reduce it to acceptable levels. The discipline Safety engineering is aimed to assure that a life critical system behaves as needed, even when components fail. As our company name may suggests, we have fully adopted this concept. More for this concept you can read here.

For more than a decade our specialists have been gaining experience by creating innovations tailored to satisfy the needs of safety products by the customers and have been keeping the highest standards of quality and performance of their work.


One of the founders of Safety Engineering is an engineering physicist. He later became our R&D Manager, to whom we are grateful for all our inventions. His name is Dimitar Petrov (on the photo above).



Big D (Dimitar Petrov) from Safety Engineering with son

Safety Engineering have at our disposal the latest testing facilities used by our professional team of physicists and engineers as to guarantee the utmost quality of each product.Our main purpose is to provide a large portfolio of certified products ensuring ultimate safety for the climbers. The products offered under the brand of Safety Engineering are initially designed as to bring additional value to climbing walls users.Safety Engineering offers a portfolio of cutting-edge products that ensure maximum protection while climbing. Check our latest innovations.

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