Hydropneumatic belaying deivce

Onbelay 8

Guarantee info 12 months for the cable
Delivery period 21-28 days
Dimensions Width: 25.00 cm x Height: 210.00 cm x Depth: 40.00 cm
Weight 60.00 kg
Price € 1309.00
OnBelay Mounting Position:
Number of guide pulleys needed: (Please refer to attached diagram)
Do you require a belay monitor?
Built-in monitors allow for easy daily inspections of the device.
Do you require a guide plate with rollers?
A guide plate with rollers helps minimize rope wear.
Will the OnBelay be used with a Self Belay climbing connector?
Do you require rope ?

The Self Belay is an innovative climbing connector, which increases safety in climbing and adventure centers by allowing users to climb only when they are properly attached to the device.

  • Precludes possibility to clip in the wrong place of the harness
  • Cannot be opened during climbing - users can disconnect from the auto belay device only when on the ground
  • Participants as young as 5 years of age can use the device on their own
  • Reduces number of staff members required for operation
  • Compatible with both textile webbing and steel wire rope auto belay devices
  • 360° swivel action to eliminate webbing/rope twisting
  • Certified according to standard EN 362:2004T Personal protective equipment against fall from a height – Connectors.
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