Hydropneumatic belaying deivce

Onbelay 8

Guarantee info 12 months for the cable
Delivery period 21-28 days
Dimensions Width: 25.00 cm x Height: 210.00 cm x Depth: 40.00 cm
Weight 60.00 kg
Price € 1309.00
OnBelay Mounting Position:
Number of guide pulleys needed: (Please refer to attached diagram)
Do you require a belay monitor?
Built-in monitors allow for easy daily inspections of the device.
Do you require a guide plate with rollers?
A guide plate with rollers helps minimize rope wear.
Will the OnBelay be used with a Self Belay climbing connector?
Do you require rope ?

OnBelay is air over hydraulic hydro-pneumatic automatic belay device that eliminates the need of a belayer. The device automatically retracts the cable during ascend and controls the speed during descend or in the event of a fall.

The braking system is one of the most dependable ones – the same type of system used to stop military aircrafts as they land on Aircraft carriers worldwide, implemented in their arresting engines.

Add to this our one of a kind Self Adjusting Speed Limiting Valves (SASLV) in our Onbelay will safely and reliably belay you over and over with a consistent descent speed of 1 m/s, regardless of the elements, temperature or your body weight.

  • Cost efficient by reducing the staff needed
  • Minimize injury risks due to human error
  • Attract single and beginner climbers
  • The ONLY European hydraulic autobelay
  • CE certified
  • Fully redundant
  • Fail safe in the event of:
    • Loss of pressure in the tank – sound & light alarm system option
    • Loss of up to 50% of the hydraulic fluid
    • Hose rupture
    • Malfunction of an entire hydraulic cylinder
  • Low maintenance costs – the only consumable that needs replacement is the steel c able
  • Minimum downtime – no annual shipment of the auto belay device for re-certification.
Tech specs
Device weight: OnBelay08 - 60 kg (132lb); OnBelay11 - 75kg (165lb); OnBelay14 – 100kg (220lb)
Descent speed: approx. 1.00m/s, (3’-3”/s)
Max. retract speed: approx. 1.50m/s, (5’/s)
Stroke: OnBelay08 - 7.5m (24’7”); OnBelay11- 10m (33’); OnBelay14 - 13m (42’-8”)
Usage for walls heights: OnBelay08 - up to 8m (26 ft); OnBelay11 - up to 11m (36 ft); OnBelay14 - up to 14m (46 ft)
Brake: Air over hydraulic system with 2 pistons and orifice check valve
Type of cable: Steel cable DIN3069
Diameter of cable: 6 mm, (1/4”)
Safe load: 1 Person
Min. climber weight: 15kg, (33lb)
Max. climber weight: 150kg, (330lb)
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